ANOVA Agriculture is an independent research company located in northern Victoria. We service all the major agricultural and horticultural regions across Victoria and Southern NSW.

ANOVA Agriculture is an independent research company located in northern Victoria.  We service all the major agricultural and horticultural regions across Victoria and Southern NSW. ANOVA Agriculture offer a fresh approach to Research and Development, where the same person who interacts with the client, conducts the trial in the field and provides the report. This ensures a personalised approach to each trial where clients are updated regularly with accurate information.

Not only does ANOVA Agriculture offer whole trial management, but we can also fill any gaps you may have in your own R&D program. This may include protocol development, trial site location or hosting, site maintenance, protective fencing, irrigation solutions, small plot harvesting, data analysis as well as writing APVMA suitable reports or industry publications.  Whatever your needs, please make contact, so we can find the right solution for you.



B.Agr (Hons)
Principal Research Agronomist

The business was founded as Melissa Brown Consulting Pty. Ltd in 2013 and rebranded to ANOVA Agriculture in 2016 as the business grew over time.

Our Principal Research Agronomist Melissa Brown (B. Agr. Hons), has over a decade of Research and Development experience. She began her career as a Research Officer in the Goulburn Valley, where she conducted GLP and efficacy registration trials in horticultural and agricultural crops. Following this, was a move to northern New South Wales where Melissa became a Research and Development Manager for a leading Agribusiness company. In this role Melissa managed 2 staff, up to 60 trials and 3000 small plots annually.

After 5 years, Melissa and her family returned to Victoria to buy a farm and the business was born out of demand for reliable and honest custom research. As a small locally run business, ANOVA Agriculture sets limits on the volume of work accepted to ensure adequate time is allowed to provide high quality results to each client.

Melissa utilises a small team to help where required with field work. Paul Brown (Adv. Dip. Ag) has a background in local farming practices and is in charge of machinery operations and trial maintenance. ANOVA Agriculture also works with a network of independent Researchers who can aide with multi-site trials across several states or regions.

We are very fortunate that ANOVA Agriculture is able to work alongside the family farming business.  We have a dedicated 3 hectare trial paddock which is surrounded by a 1.8m high vermin proof fence and has access to water for vegetable trials.  This allows us to custom grow crops for purpose and to avoid the constraints of using commercial growers where required. In addition to this, we can provide large scale demonstration trials in Southern NSW and Northern Victoria. We are more than happy to discuss your needs.


Why ANOVA Agriculture?

ANOVA is an acronym for Analysis of Variance, which is a statistical method used to test the degree of variation between data means. Determining and analysing variation between treatments is a crucial part of the research conducted by ANOVA Agriculture.

What services are you offering?

Whatever R&D services you need. From full trial management covering all trial requirements, to short term research solutions to support your existing research staff.

ANOVA Agriculture has access to a large array of trial equipment including a KEW trial plot harvester, Precision hand booms, Grain testing equipment, Motorbike sprayer, Soil testing probes and seeders.  We also can utilise our commercial farm equipment to establish demonstration type trials.

What areas can ANOVA Agriculture service?

Most of the work we conduct is in Victoria and the Riverina in NSW. However we are happy to work with your needs. We have access to most crops including cereals, pulses, canola, tomatoes, cucurbits, cotton, rice, grapes, fruit trees and pasture.

What trial types do have you experience in?

Recently we have provided work in the following areas.

  • Rice nutrition.
  • Pasture top-dressing.
  • Canola Pre-emergent weed control.
  • Septoria tritici in wheat.
  • Powdery Mildew in cucurbits.
  • Stripe Rust in wheat.
  • Pre-emergent fallow weed control.
  • Knockdown herbicides.
  • PSPE herbicides in irrigated cotton.
  • Crop damage quantification for spray complaints.
  • Cereal variety screening trial.
  • Contract spraying and harvesting client trials.

What statistical analysis package is used?

ANOVA Agriculture use Gylling data management’s ARM statistical analysis program.  We keep our license up to date, so we are able to use your company’s custom version if required.




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